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  • Scholarship Program Information
    Scholarship Value: $500
    Number of Awards: 1

    To be considered eligible for the Scholarship you must:

    A) Be between the ages of 17 and 24 on December 30th

    B) Submit answers to the essay question, which can be found on the application page, prior to the December 30th deadline.

    C) Have at least one full year of post secondary studies remaining at the time of the award

    D) Have a GPA of 2.75 or greater.

    E) Be a resident of Canada or the United States

    The scholarship winner will be announced 6 weeks after the deadline and will be posted on this website immediately after. All applications must be received by 11:59pm ET on December 30th. No late applications will be reviewed.


My experiences in the world of music

If I could attend any college or university in the world it would be the University of Cincinnati. I know that my experiences in academics, life, and my interests have prepared me to succeed academically and be an active member of the University of Cincinnati. My academic achievements show how incredibly prepared I am to succeed at UC, with a weighted GPA of 4.231 placing me in the top 5% of my class, I am eager and have the ability to learn and would love to continue my education at this university. In life, my experiences with my volunteer hours at local events, like the Norwood Elementary School Carnivals, working concessions at events held by Norwood High School, and helping with Freshman Orientation, have prepared me greatly to become an active member on the campus while attending UC. My experiences in the world of music, for example, being a member of the Cincinnati Boychior, participating in the Greater Cincinnati Harmony Festival, and most recently preforming in and earning a silver medal at the World Choir Games with the Southern Gateway Youth Chorus, have all taught me what it means to be responsible and, most importantly, the value of being a part of a community, which I hope to transfer into my time at The University of Cincinnati.
The reason I would like to attend this university would be their business program. My interest in business stems from an experience I had this summer when I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in the World Choir Games that were held right here in Cincinnati. Living in Norwood allowed me to experience the Games in all their glory, from the spectacular performances and competitions held at the many performance halls and churches in the downtown area, to downtown Cincinnati itself, with all of the music related flying pigs and the banners and signs spread throughout the art districts downtown. One sign in particular caught my eye. The sign read, “Cincinnati: The City That Sings!” That slogan affected me in a way that is hard to describe; it made me proud to be a part of and live in a city that can appreciate and manage such an amazing artistic event. That’s what sparked my interest in the business world, I want to be able to manage and be a part of something that will inspire others.
My participation in the music groups at my high school has given me plenty of practice as a leader in the world of music. I was the section leader in my school’s show choir and I am first chair of the second violins in my school’s orchestra. Being appointed these positions requires an immense amount of dedication. To lead an entire section of individuals means that you must be the first prepared in order to answer questions from others. It has taught me a lot about preparation for large events and the amount of work it takes to accomplish a task set before you. The major lesson I have learned from my leadership roles is the importance of time management. In order to successfully get through school and maintain a schedule of extracurricular activities requires the ability to budget time wisely and with a 4.23 weighted GPA and successful performances throughout all four years of high school, I believe that is a skill I have acquired. All of this has led to the unique opportunity I will have this summer as the first student from Norwood High School to represent my city in the Ohio Ambassadors of Music (OAM) program. As a member of the OAM chamber orchestra, I will embark on a sixteen day tour of seven European countries. This overseas journey will provide me with the experience of a lifetime.
As to where I would see a degree from the Lindner School of Business Honors Program leading, relative to an academic/professional career would be directly to Cincinnati. One of the first prospects for a potential career opportunity would be the World Choir Games themselves. Having had such a positive experience in Cincinnati, Interkultur, the company that runs the Games, has opened up a permanent office here in the Queen City and I would love the opportunity to work in their marketing department and help bring more choral competitions to the Cincinnati area. I would also enjoy working for the business side of any one of the many superb fine arts organizations in Cincinnati and continue to make this city “Sing”.

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