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Choosing an independent mortgage brokers offers numerous benefits to the borrower. Lenders are providing new options, deals and features every day that might make the task of choosing the best deal more difficult. The competition amongst lenders is brutal. Today, over one in five Canadian mortgages is handled by a mortgage broker. More and more consumers are discovering that the advantages of having a mortgage broker are nonstop. They could save you a lot of effort and time and provide various benefits.

The services provided by a mortgage broker are usually free of charge. They offer unbiased advice and fight to find you the right deal available. Mortgage brokers require just one application and one credit check in order to search for the best solution to your mortgage needs. In the time it takes for you to fill out one application at your bank, they can shop dozens of lenders. Nearly all the lenders which mortgage brokers associate with are established and trustworthy. There are likewise some broker-only lenders available who can provide rates and features which are even more reasonable.

Mortgage brokers just get paid as soon as your mortgage has been approved and funded. As a result, service is usually efficient and fast. Nearly all lenders provide the same fee, so a mortgage broker doesn't usually favor one lender over another. The only time a client is charged is if they have non-standard credit. In these circumstances, they can be charged a commitment fee.

The mortgage brokers main duty is to take care of the consumers best interests, resulting more often than not a more personable, mobile and accessible treatment then you might receive from the lending institution.

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    A) Be between the ages of 17 and 24 on December 30th, 2014

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