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  • Scholarship Program Information
    Scholarship Value: $500
    Number of Awards: 1

    To be considered eligible for the Scholarship you must:

    A) Be between the ages of 17 and 24 on December 30th

    B) Submit answers to the essay question, which can be found on the application page, prior to the December 30th deadline.

    C) Have at least one full year of post secondary studies remaining at the time of the award

    D) Have a GPA of 2.75 or greater.

    E) Be a resident of Canada or the United States

    The scholarship winner will be announced 6 weeks after the deadline and will be posted on this website immediately after. All applications must be received by 11:59pm ET on December 30th. No late applications will be reviewed.


Still have money left over for other expenses

Choosing where to live and own a house is a difficult decision. You have to take the economy, the area, the mortgage price, and available employment into consideration. The area in which you buy a home should be safe and the economy should be good. Your mortgage should be affordable; you should be able to pay your mortgage and still have money left over for other expenses. Besides keeping these considerations in mind, you should also enjoy the home itself. Ideally, everything in the house works, and not much needs to be fixed and/or changed, the landscaping is appealing, and room for expansion is there if you are planning on expanding. You should also look into the school systems around the area if you plan on having children. There should be electrical, heat, plumbing, and no leaks. The furnace and appliances should work, along with working windows and doors.
In choosing where to buy and own a house, I would take where my family lives into consideration. I am very family oriented and want to live close to my family. Most of my family, including me, grew up in Scituate. It is my home and my family’s home. I live in the same neighborhood my mother grew up and lived in for most of her life. My grandmother still lives in the same neighborhood, and so do my cousins and my aunt. Most of my family lives in walking distance.
I want to continue living in the Hope section of Scituate. Scituate’s school systems are some of the best schools in New England; I would want my children go to the schools or be in the same school system that I was. Scituate is a small, quiet, rural town surrounded by a beautiful reservoir and blessed with low taxes: I do not like the city, but if I want, Providence, Boston, and New York are only a short drive away. Other historical places and cultural centers such as Newport and Woodstock are also only a drive away; I like that. I have precious memories in Rhode Island; I want to continue making memories here. I want my children to grow up in the same town and make similar memories to those I hold so dear.
Scituate is a remarkable town that has gone through many changes. It is not just a town; it is a community. There are family businesses, small businesses, and a great education system. There are always community activities such as the Art Festival and Christmas stroll where people in the community come together. Everyone knows one another, and is there for one another as a community. People who live in Scituate have spirit, love, and compassion. When the town is put into a difficult situation or something tragic happens, everyone sticks together, and are there for one another, helping in any possible way. From house fires to missing pets, Scituate residents are always at hand to help.
Mortgages for small houses in Scituate are around $1,000 per month. In order to pay the mortgage and for extra expenses, I will need to graduate from college and have a job in business administration or business management. I could have a possible career as an accountant, administrative assistant, business education teacher, contract administrator, economist, financial analysts, business manager, market researcher, real estate broker, stock broker, or venture capitalist. My ideal job or career would be to own my own business and/or work in management, if I cannot find or own my own business.
Scituate may not be the ideal town in which to start a business because it is such a small town, but there are neighboring towns where a business could be successful and thrive because the surrounding towns are busier and more populated. In these surrounding towns there are hundreds of people passing through who stop and shop at locations.
Owning my own house and living in Scituate is one of my dreams. I want to share everything that Scituate is with my children; I want them to experience the life and wonderful traits of Scituate that I experienced. Scituate, as the home of the beautiful Scituate Reservoir, means you can walk down the street or out your front door, like I can, to go kayaking or fishing. I love that Scituate is surrounded by nature. To me, Scituate is the perfect place to own a house and live my life, surrounded by nature and family, and only a short drive away from anything and everything.

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